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Wildcats at Project Back to School

   There are over 9,000 economically disadvantaged students in the Wichita Falls Independent School District.  Thanks to “Project Back to School”, a volunteer community program based in Wichita Falls, those students are equipped to get back in the classroom.  

Every August, Project Back to School provides free school supply kits and backpacks for qualifying WFISD students, as well as valuable information on education and community services, immunizations, vision and dental screenings and dental exams for all children at the Project Back to School Roundup.

The Wildcats and their staff were lucky enough to be involved with the Roundup again this year.  From start to finish the event and the Wildcats table was a huge hit.  The young students were very excited to receive free team items and meet the coaching staff…that was until everyone’s favorite mascot showed up.  Eyes lit up and crowds formed as Craz E Cat was up to her typical antics at McNiel Junior High.

“Being new to the team and Wichita Falls it was an amazing experience,” comments Assistant Coach Ceransky, “Giving back to the community is always rewarding, but I cant remember the last time I was involved in something on this large of a scale.”

There are plenty of ways to get involved check out www.projectbacktoschool.org for more information.