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Professional Wrestlers to Drop Puck on Friday Night

Professional Wrestling Hall of Famers Johnny Mantell & Hillbilly Jim and Midget wrestlers Short Sleeve Sampson & Tokyo Monster Kahagas will be partaking in the ceremonial puck drop on Friday night, sponsored by Qdoba.

A native of Northern Texas, (Cowboy) Johnny Mantell was billed the “Pride of Montague County” in 1982 in World Class Championship Wrestling. Since retiring in 2001, he has trained race horses on his ranch outside of Wichita Falls.

Jim Morris (Hillbilly Jim) is regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers to come out of the World Wrestling Federation. He has wrestled with many legends from the WWF era, including Hulk Hogan, Andre and Giant, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and others. One of his most iconic moments took place in 1984, in which he jumped into the ring from the audience and saved Hulk Hogan from having his hair cut by Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Daniel DiLucchio (Short Sleeve Sampson) is a Micro Championship Wrestler and Midget Wrestling Warrior. At 4’2″ and 120 pounds, Short Sleeve Sampson appeared as “Mini-Taker” in 2004. He was then tombstoned by John Layfield before being attacked by the real Undertaker. He retired just over three years ago before going on his farewell tour which he named “It’s Midget Time.”

Kahagas (Tokyo Monster Kahagas) is the only active wrestler who will be dropping the puck. He was a National Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Championship. Since 2010, Kahagas has been a Florida Underground Wrestler.